2011 Ram 1500

3.7L, 4x2, AT, 134k

Hard hit to high rear.  Base model truck, has chrome grille with chrome honeycomb inserts.  Engine runs, truck has been lot driven.  Front end sheet metal and doors are in good condition.

2005 Ram 1500

5.7L, 4x2, AT, 188k

Left side, front damage.  Runs good, two good passenger side doors.

2006 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x2, AT, 157k

No visible damage, truck is very clean and appears to have been well-maintained.  Interior is clean and in good condition, bed is in excellent condition, no rust.  Engine runs good, truck has been lot driven.

2004 Ram 3500

5.9L Cummins, 4x4, AT, 275k

All body parts are in good shape, no rust.  The truck has been repainted at some point, and unfortunately the paint has quite a bit of orange peel.  The tires have quite a bit of wear left.

​Damage done to the truck was underneath, the transfer case and front driveshaft are bad.

2010 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x4, AT, 135k

Hit in front, slight damage on left rear.  Good Crew Cab doors, bed has slight damage but no rust.

2007 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x2, AT, 219k

Light damage to front, bed is in great shape.  4.7L flex fuel engine, high mileage but runs great.  All doors except the front left are in good shape, rear bumper is not perfect, but close.

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1999 Ram 3500

5.9L Cummins, 4x4, AT, 289k

Hit in the left side.  Runs good, lot driven.  Sport front bumper and grille in good condition.  Right side front quad cab door is in good condition.

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2010 Ram 1500

5.7L, 4x4, AT, 127k

Front damage.  Interior is in very good shape, excellent tailgate and rear bumper.  Bed looks nice, but unfortunately is starting to rust over the wheels.

2004 Ram 1500

5.7L, 4x2, AT, 135k

Front end damage.  Runs good, low miles.  Nice leather/suede interior.  Bed and tailgate in excellent condition, no rust.

1997 Ram 1500

5.2L, 4x2, AT, 289k

Local truck purchased from owner, hit hard in front.  Good doors, bed is starting to develop rust over wheels.  Reupholstered front driver seat.

1986 Ram D150

5.2L, 4x2, AT, 183k

No accident damage, local truck.  Runs and lot driven.  Lots of good body parts, nice long bed with only a small area of rust.

1999 Ram 2500

5.9L Cummins, 4x2, AT, 338k

Left front damage.  High mileage, but runs good.  Body and interior are rough.

1995 Ram 2500

5.9L Cummins, 4x4, AT, 218k

Front end damage, runs good.  Leather/suede interior.  Good passenger side quad cab doors, nice tailgate.