2009 Ram 2500

5.7L Hemi, 4x4, AT, 239k

Right side and rear damage.  Runs good and has been lot driven.  For the mileage, the truck is in pretty good condition.  Good seat cloth without rips, but the seat back is broken.

1996 Ram 1500

4x2, AT, 225k

Motor and transmission are out, interior is rough, body is in average condition.

2006 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x2, AT

Bad engine, good doors, damage to right side of bed.

2004 Ram 1500

5.7L, 4x2, AT, 203k

Hit in right rear, high mileage Hemi but runs well.

1991 Ram D250

5.9L gas powered, 4x2, AT, Camper Special

Bad engine, better than average body parts.  Rust free doors, bed has a small amount of rust, grille has a small crack.

1982 Ram D150

225ci Slant Six, 4-spd, odometer shows 92k

Has been parked over 10 years, transmission may be bad.  Very nice grille shell and front bumper, rust free driver side door.  The bed has a slight dent on the passenger side, and the very beginnings of rust, and also has a tree growing under the tailgate, but it is in better than average condition.

2005 Ram 1500

5.7L, 4x4, AT, 209k

Transmission bad, engine runs good.

2000 Ram 1500

5.9L, 4x2, AT, unknown mileage

Good left front door, good steering wheel if you are looking for one without cruise control

2013 Ram 1500

5.7L, 4x2, AT, 114k

Hard hit to front, left side damage as well.  Able to start engine, runs good.  Bed has only slight damage.

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2001 Ram 1500

5.9L, 4x4, AT, 229k

Local truck, no accident damage.  Motor runs good, transmission is bad.  Sport bumper and grille would be good for a changeover, only minor imperfections on bumper.  Doors are just starting to get some surface rust on the bottom.

1999 Ram 2500

5.9L Cummins, 4x2, AT, 338k

Left front damage.  High mileage, but runs good.  Body and interior are rough.

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1985 Ram 150

225 ci, 4x2, MT, unknown mileage

Bad engine, body has only a small amount of rust.  Doors are in good shape, manual window regulators.  Bed has small amount of rust and one dent.  Front bumper is better than average, seat in in fair condition.

2010 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x4, AT, 135k

Hit in front, slight damage on left rear.  Good Crew Cab doors, bed has slight damage but no rust.