2001 Ram 1500

5.9L, 4x2, 168k

​​Engine runs good, and truck was lot driven on arrival.  Hit in the rear, and has slight damage to front bumper.  Doors are rust free, but front driver side door does have some fiberglass. 

2002 Ram 3500

5.9L Cummins, 4x2, 6-spd​, 280k

​​Engine runs great, lot driven on arrival.  Rear fenders are better than average, body has only minor damage.

2006 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x2, AT​, 144K

​​Good doors, bed and tailgate.  Truck had custom leather seat covers, good factory cloth seats underneath. 

1997 Ram 2500

5.9L Gas Engine, 4x4, AT, 135K

​​Bad engine, truck does lot drive, transmission and transfer case are good.  Body is in good shape, truck has a nice rust-free long bed, lower mileage truck.

1987 Ram 150

Slant Six, 4x2, AT

​​Engine questionable, body in average shape for age of truck.  Bed has a small amount of rust, fenders and hood are in good shape.  Original Ram Head is still on the truck!

2001 Ram 2500

5.9L Gas Engine, 4x4, AT

​​Cab fire, rust free quad cab doors, only slight damage to 8-foot bed, no rust.  Engine has been removed, but is available for sale.

Please note:

Vehicles shown here are for parts only.

​Pictures depict trucks at arrival, all parts listed and pictured may not be available.

2006 Ram 1500

5.7L Hemi, 4x2, AT, 158k

​​Light damage in the front, lot tested, runs and drives.  Bed is in better than average condition, no rust but has a small amount of fiberglass.  Good set of wheels and tires. 

2001 Ram 3500

5.9L, 4x2, AT​, 809k

​​Hit in the rear.  High miles, but this truck looks like it has been maintained very well.  Looks to be a hot-shot truck.  Front quad cab doors are in nice condition.  Engine has been started and runs good.

2011 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x2, AT​, 71k

​​Hit along left side, has some damage on right side as well.  Drivetrain is good.  Engine runs good, low miles.  We were able to drive the truck around the lot. 

2001 Ram 1500

5.2L, 4x4, 5-spd​, 151k

​​Hard hit to right side.  Nice tires and wheels, chrome pushbar.  5-spd transmission, manual windows, door locks.

2010 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x4, AT​, 135k

​​Hit in front, slight damage on left rear.  Good Crew Cab doors, bed has slight damage but no rust.

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2004 Ram 3500

5.9L Cummins, 4x4, AT​, 275k

​​All body parts are in good shape, no rust.  The truck has been repainted at some point, and unfortunately the paint has quite a bit of orange peel.  The tires have quite a bit of wear left.

​Damage done to the truck was underneath, the transfer case and front driveshaft are bad.

2004 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x4, AT​, 131k

​​Local truck purchased from owner, no accident damage on this truck.  Engine runs great but has a cooling issue.  Low mileage, truck has some great body parts. 

2008 Ram 1500

5.7L, 4x2, 249k

​​Big Horn Edition, Lot tested, runs and drives good.  Slight damage to the rear, bed is rust free but has slight damage to driver side wheel wheel, passenger side scratches, and the floor is buckled.  Only damage to front bumper is paint wear on passenger side.

2005 Ram 1500

4.7L, 4x2, AT​, 154k

​​No visible accident damage.  Lot tested, runs and drives good.  Interior in good shape, body is in good shape, front bumper is good.

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